Nexus raises $25M in Series A funding to bring zero-knowledge proofs to Internet scale

We’re excited to announce $25M in Series A funding co-led by Lightspeed and Pantera, with participation from Dragonfly, Faction, and Blockchain Builders Fund. This follows a $2M seed round led by Dragonfly in late 2022, with participation from Alliance, SV Angel, Blockchain Builders Fund, and others.

Enabling the Verifiable Internet

Our mission is to bring truth to the fabric of the Internet. 

We are bringing to market a new form of computation – verifiable computation – that will make the Internet more private, secure, and trustworthy. We believe this is a fundamental step for humanity, as was the advent of the Internet, cloud computing and AI.

We will use this funding to accelerate:

  • The open-source development of the Nexus 1.0
  • The growth of the Nexus ecosystem
  • The growth of our science and engineering team

Taking the Nexus 1.0 to 1 THz

The Nexus 1.0 zkVM is a modular, extensible, open-source, zkVM written in Rust, focused on performance and security.

We aim to scale the Nexus machine to 1 trillion Hertz of compute, and will use the funding to accelerate our collaboration with teams in the space to grow the compute capacity of the zero-knowledge industry.

Use it today:

The architecture of the Nexus 1.0 zkVM

Get Involved

We’re based in San Francisco, and are actively seeking talented teammates who want to be part of a fundamental shift in the field of computation.

Learn more at

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